• Burkina Faso

    Drying mango is a simple and inexpensive process which adds value to mango, and allows the shelf life to be expanded as well as increasing the availability of mango for longer periods

  • Mali

    The rice variety NERICA- L1-IER showed adaptability across all irrigated area in Mlai with an average yield of 6000kg / ha. This rice variety is recommended for double cropping.

  • Sénégal

    The fonio husking machine "SANOUSSI" is a grain processing machine. It consists of a feed hopper, a husking vessel which is attached to a hood or a recovery cyclone. The machine stands on four legs and is designed in two versions in terms of motoring: electric motor and thermal combustion.

  • Mali

    The rice seeder allows a 50% reduction in the number of seeds per hectare. Offering a huge potential in the production of rice, the Philippine improved seeder provides a yield increases over 30%.

  • Niger

    The National Institute for Agricultural Research of Niger (INRAN), in collaboration with the Niger-PPAAO and FAO has developed a simple manufacturing technology Multi Densified Nutritional Blocks for livestock (BMND). These blocks are made from local fodder, millet stalks (whole and grounded), pods of Faidherbia albidia (whole and grounded), crushed cottonseed cake, wheat sounds, minerals (salt, phosphate, limestone) and binders (acacia or cassava flour. the quality of the blocks was evaluated through the measurement of impact resistance (resistance to transport) and the resistance to the disintegration of the blocks upon absorption of water (resistance to humidity).