Dear friends of the Les Jardins Chez Marlene!


Our campaign: Les Jardins Chez Marlène is launching two new projects in Benin: (1) the establishment of an agroecology training center where Eco-Scholars can engage in hands-on learning practicums  and (2) the construction of an agro-ecotourism site. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help kick-off this initiative! 

 Please visit the site or check out our campaign video to learn more about what we hope to accomplish and how you can support this project! We also hope that you will share the campaign on social media and with you friends to help spread the word. 

 With collective action, magic happens! 

 **Payment with mobile money is available!**

 **If you are not able to donate but would like to contribute or collaborate in another way (donate materials, technical support etc.) please contact us directly here. **

 In solidarity, 


Executive Director of Les Jardins Chez Marlene